Build Phygital (Pysical+Digital) customer experiences using AEM Screens — Part 1

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Even though AEM Screens got introduced with AEM 6.3 itself, never got a chance to look onto it inside. When I did explore, it was more interesting than I thought. In this article series I am going to cover details about AEM Screens solution, what is the use case for it in the Part-1 and how to start using it with a simple hands-on exercise in Part-2.

What is AEM Screens First?

AEM Screens is a Digital Signage Solution that allows you to author, publish and play dynamic and interactive digital experiences with a comprehensive omni-channel digital marketing strategy. It’s an add on available with AEM, built on top of AEM Sites. Available from AEM 6.3 onwards.

Integration of AEM Screens with Sites allows you to re-use already existing content and effectively deliver a coherent and consistent customer solution.

Add on Info: AEM Screens is now also available as AEM Screens as a Cloud Service.

Use Case for AEM Screens:

You can create,

Ø Smart Information Displays (News, Weather, Traffic Info etc.)

Ø Video Walls

Ø Store guide screens (Where to pick what)

Ø Way finder Screens (Location Guidance)

Ø Dedicated digital menu boards

Ø Passenger Information System

Ø Digital Schedules/ Inventory Display

Ø Product recommender Screens

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a digital screen that displays signs. Whether you hit a supermarket or visit the airports, these digital signage displays will be staring at you and sending you some kind of message. They use different technologies like projection, LED and LCD to display content in the form of video, images, streaming media, and more.

Digital Signage Examples:

Digital Menu Board
Passenger Information System

What you need to create a digital signage?

CMS (To create and manage Digital Content)

Media Player (Hardware & Software)

In the part-2 of this article we are going to do a hands-on AEM screens. For which we need a CMS which will be our AEM and in addition we also need a screens player.

AEM Screens Player:

AEM Screens has its own player that runs on the media player hardware that delivers the signal to the screen and acts as a client for the AEM Screens CMS.

To download AEM Screens Player

Hope you understood the need for AEM Screens solution and its practical use cases. Be ready with AEM Screens player. In the next part we will do a hands-on demo on AEM Screens. Stay tuned for the updates :-)



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