All You Need To Know About AEM Sites Architect Exam (AD0-E117)Preparation

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Hello everyone,

Since I got many requests regarding the preparation strategy that I followed to crack Adobe AEM Sites Architect Exam and there is no recent article on the same due to the new exam pattern, thought of writing this article which will give you insights on the AD0-E117 Exam and spotlight on ample Adobe Learning resources available to prep up ourselves towards this goal.

The kickoff point to start your exam preparation for Adobe AD0-E117 AEM Sites Architect starts with the Official Exam Guide from Adobe.

It clearly states that this exam covers AEM 6.4, 6.5, and AEM as a Cloud Service. I gave more focus to AEM 6.5, upgrading to AEM 6.5 and AEM as a Cloud Service topics.

Before exploring the study materials it is important to have hands-on latest features with AEM (Editable templates, Content & Experience Fragments etc.) and a minimum 3–5 years of Project Implementation experience. It will give you a strong foundation to amp up yourself as the AEM Sites Architect.

If you are an Adobe Implementation partner, get your Adobe SPP (Solution Partner Portal) account created. This is the passport to Adobe’s one stop place to get the developer Software distribution, training courses, videos and so on.

Where I can get AEM Jars, AEMAACS SDK, Service packs & New feature updates?

Adobe Software Distribution link (To download AEM Jars, AEMAACS SDK, Service packs, feature packs, plugins etc.)

Foundation Materials to refer includes but not limited to,

AEM Topics to Deep Dive Checklist

  • AEM Infrastructure/ Deployment patterns/ AEM Cloud Architectures
  • AEM Storage mechanism (TarMk vs MongoMk, External File data store etc.)
  • AEM as a Cloud Service (New Features in AEMAACS, deprecated features etc.)
  • Adobe Cloud Manager
  • Moving to AEMAACS from on-premise/Adobe Managed Services (List of changes needed)
  • Managing OSGi Configurations & Run modes in AEMAACS
  • Users, Groups & Permissions Management
  • Authentication & Authorization Concepts includes LDAP, SAML, oAuth & Adobe IMS
  • MSM Concepts, Rollout Configuration use cases
  • Implementing custom workflows in AEM
  • Content Fragments, Content Services, Experience Fragments and it’s practical use cases
  • AEM upgrade & migration strategies
  • SPA Editor in AEM
  • Dispatcher Installation and Configuration set up, CDN Implementation
  • OWASP Security considerations in AEM websites
  • Content Architectures and Taxonomy Implementation in AEM
  • Sling Context Aware Configurations usage in AEM
  • Third party systems integration with AEM like Integration with Adobe Launch, PIM, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Target etc.
  • Adobe Sensei integration with AEM
  • Integrating AEM with Assets Cloud Service & Dynamic Media
  • Oak Queries, Indexing & Query builder API in AEM
  • Operations & Maintenance in AEM
  • AEM Security Checklist & Dispatcher Security Checklist
  • Debugging AEM applications
  • Tuning of Performance and Security in AEM Sites

Hope this helps. All the best for your journey towards AEM Sites Architect :-)

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